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About me

I am a Tokener , ACMer and student .

I just graduated from Shandong Beizhen Middle School .

And I have been admitted to Wuhan University of technology .

On Nov.20 2016 , I retired from the OI .

And now I'm fighting in ACM .

Now I have gotten the offer of Token and become a Server-side programmer .

I'm learning Python3 and TensoFlow in order to become a AI programmer.

If you want to play DoTA2 with me , my steam ID is below. Welcome you .

I want to impove my English , so my blog is writen in English . I will appriciate it if you can tell me the fault in my blog .

My ability is not strong enough , so this blog cloned Leopard Pan's blog mould . Thanks a lot .


QQ : 466403099

Zhihu : 王熠弘

Twitter : @long4664030

Facebook : 熠弘 王

Steam DoTA2 ID: 303861569


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